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Milano 100 Single Retractable Screen Door

Our Milano single retractable screen door sets the standard for all retractable screen doors. When appearance, functionality and ease of use are considered, the Genius Milano fits the bill. We typically mount the Milano on the inside of the doorframe. Whether your door swings in or out the Milano retractable screen is the best looking door, hands down, on the market today. The Milano screen door series has a superior low friction glide technology for smooth closure with a top to bottom magnetic seal and no a snap back effect. Our beautiful ergonomic handles finishes off the perfect look!
Milano 100 Colors
400×242 Milano 100 – is105
400×242 Milano 100 – 320
400×242 Milano 100 – i210
400×242 Milano 100 – is112
400×242 Milano 100 – is103

Milano 200 Double Panel Retractable Screen Doors

So you have beautiful double French doors, that you can’t leave open without being invaded by all the flying bugs and insects. Now you have the perfect solution...the Genius Milano series 200 double retractable screen door system! Weather you doors swing in or out, the Milano system hands down is the best looking retractable screen doors on the market today. We typically mount the Milano system on the inside of the doorframe. That is particularly important for interior installations (out swing doors). The Genius Milano 200 will blend in rather than stick out as other brands mount on the face of your doorframes.

We offer an optional slide lock which allows single screen operation. This is a nice feature as you can just open 1 of your double doors and pass thru a single screen effortlessly! Genius has the superior low friction glide technology and smooth, not snap back close. A top to bottom magnet seal and beautiful ergonomic handles finishes off the perfect look for you home.

Milano 100 Colors
400×242 Milano 200 – i205
400×242 Milano 200 – i209
400×242 Milano 200 – i224
400×242 Milano 200 – is103

Sheer Screen Advance Retractable Screen Door

In Europe, pleated sheer retractable screens are known for the sophisticated look and dependable quality. Now Genius Retractable Screen Systems brings a beautifully designed pleated screen system for the U.S. market. The Genius pleated screen offers a fresh alternative to the flat screen retractable system. Even more appealing, the Genius Sheer Screen Advance does not have a bottom guide rail, meets ADA requirements and is wheel chair accessible! The track installs flat to the ground so there is no runner to trip or step over. The Sheer Screen Advance retractable screen doors moves back and forth with a gentle touch, and provides a contemporary look for those seeking alternative solutions. Can be used for both single and double door applications.
Milano 100 Colors
400×242 Sheer Screen with Pleated Fabric
400×242 Sheer Screen – i204
400×242 Sheer Screen 302
400×242 Sheer Screen – i112
400×242 Sheer Screen – i209

ZigZag Retractable Screen Door

The Genius ZigZag disappearing screen is perfect for bi-folding, lift-n-slide and other large openings. In addition to its attractive pleated screen look the system can be open or closed with just gentle finger-touch control. Just like the Sheer Screen Advance, there is no bottom track, as the bottom guide is flat and ADA compliant. Available in 4 frame colors and is designed to fit up to 16 feet wide and 102 inches tall openings.
Milano 100 Colors
400×242 ZigZag 200
400×242 ZigZag 202
400×242 Zig Zag Screen – i102


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