Genius retractable screen doors are simply the best retractable screen doors on the market today. All our screens are made with the highest quality materials. Check out a few of our past installations.

Our customer in Danville needed a custom screen door for their standard double French doors leading to their backyard. We installed the Milano 200 Retractable Screen Door System in white to match their doors. We also installed a Milano 100 Retractable Screen Door for their standard single rear side door. Matching trim keeps the look of the home polished for their single door entry. Another happy customer with a quick, 1-day installation!

This Los Gatos customer had oversized double French doors leading to their backyard. We were able to custom install the Milano 200 Retractable Screen Doors on the 8 foot tall opening the same day! The trim on the screen was white to match the existing trim on the home. Notice how the open screens blend in seamlessly with the door frame? Our retractable screen doors always look great, opened or closed!

Screens that matched the contemporary style of this home in Los Gatos were a must! With another oversized entry, we were able to match the customer’s dark trim with our brownstone Milano 200 Retractable Screen Doors. The results are beautiful retractable screen doors that look as though they were built with the home!

This customer in Oakland needed a screen that would fit their out-swinging double French doors. This was no problem! We installed our Sheer Classes Retractable Screen Doors with a white trim to make enjoying the rear patio a breeze. Our Sheer Classic Retractable Screen Doors offer the same ease of use as our Milano Retractable Screen Doors without a lower track. The trackless lower design allows for ADA compliance with a pleated screen for easy 1-handed operation.

Double the French doors, double the fun! Our customer in Pleasanton wanted to make sure that the custom screen doors wouldn’t look bulky or out of place, especially because they needed two sets. Our Milano 200 Retractable Screen Doors were the perfect fix for their dilemma. The beautiful screen doors in white didn’t add any extra bulk and we were able to install both sets of screen doors in 1 day.

Pets love our screens too! This customer in Pleasanton needed to make sure she had a retractable screen door that would stand up to her pup. Our retractable screens are design to stretch against pressure, so they won’t break when a four-legged friend brushes or rubs up against them. We installed our Sheer Retractable Screen Doors in white for the out-swinging double French doors. The pleated screen has a no bottom track design so Fido can walk in and out without any hassle!

This customer in San Ramon had a smaller than average single door leading out to their backyard. Our Milano 100 Retractable Screen Door was just the right fit! We were able to custom install the screen door in white to match the door. Once again, our custom retractable screen doors are able to fit most openings, large or small!

The tranquil backyard setting made the already quick installation seem to fly by. We were feeling quite Zen after installing these Milano 200 Retractable Screen Doors in brownstone in our customer’s add-on. The darker color blended wonderfully with the natural wood tones on the out-swinging double French doors. Big or small, original or add-on, our retractable screen doors will have you beaming!


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