Sheer Screen Series Retractable Screen Doors: A Blend of Elegance and Efficiency

Experience the finesse of American craftsmanship with the Sheer Screen Series Retractable Screen Doors by Genius Screens. These innovative screen doors are not just a barrier, but a sophisticated addition to your home, seamlessly blending with any doorway. With the “One Call Does It All” customer service, getting your custom disappearing screens installed is a breeze.

Elegance Meets Utility

The Sheer Screen by Genius epitomizes elegance while not compromising on utility. Its graceful design enhances the beauty of any doorway, making it a delightful addition to your home. As the pioneers of pleated screens in the U.S. market, Genius Screens brings a fresh, contemporary look unlike any other screen available today.

Smooth Operation

Operate your screen door effortlessly with just a touch of a finger. The Sheer Screen glides smoothly and can be halted at any position, offering a level of control and ease that is truly remarkable. Moreover, the Sheer Classic Retractable Screen doors are completely wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant, making them a versatile choice for any household.

Exceptional Design and Durability

Constructed with top-notch materials right here in the USA, the design and durability of the Sheer Screen are unparalleled. These retractable screens are perfect for modern bi-fold doors, covering openings up to 40 ft wide and 10 ft tall. Whether it’s double doors or larger openings, the Sheer Classic has got it covered with elegance and style.

Pleated Perfection

The stylish and versatile pleated Sheer Screen is not only aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly easy to use. Move the screen gently with a one-hand touch and enjoy the simplicity of its operation. Plus, with no bottom channels, the track installs flat, eliminating any tripping hazards.

Customization and Accessibility

Available in 5 colors – white, black, brown, tan, and adobe, the Sheer Classic offers a range of customization options to match your decor. The screen paneling is even removable for seasonal storage, making it a highly practical choice for any home.

Key Features At A Glance:

  • Configurable for single, double, and French Doors; even openings up to 40 ft. wide!
  • Wheelchair accessible, adhering to ADA compliance.
  • Easy operation with a gentle, 1-hand touch.
  • Pet and child-friendly design.
  • No bottom channels ensuring a trip-free environment.


The Sheer Screen Series by Genius Screens is a testament to superior quality and elegant design. Its smooth operation, outstanding durability, and sleek aesthetics make it a prized addition to any home. With the Sheer Screen Series, enjoy the outdoor view, keep the bugs out, and enhance the beauty of your doorway all at once.


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